Request Box

Here, you can leave comments with both requests and suggestions!
If there’s a song you want translated that we have yet to do, please leave a comment here with your request!
When and if it is translated will be at the discretion of each translator.
We also reserve the right to not accept translations at any given time.

We do not translate by ear, so if we cannot find the original lyrics posted online we may ask for scans. If you have any you’d like to send us, you may send them to:

If you have a fanpage and would like for us to provide translations, depending on the artist we may be able to take your requests. Please feel free to contact us about partnerships.

Also and very importantly, if we do a request for you, do not repost it anywhere without crediting this website and the translator.
Finally, please do not use our translations for subtitles in any music videos. This includes uploading with the songs into video format.
As a site policy, if we find that you’ve been using our translations for videos, we may decline future translation requests.

If you have any additional suggestions for how to make this blog better for the fans and the promotion of the bands, please also write them here!

141 thoughts on “Request Box

  1. Hello, and Thank you for all these translations! There are so many beautiful songs… I love so much D.I.D.. Could you please translate “A forlorn hope”? Thank you :))

  2. Hi, thanks for fill my request of “Merciless sorrow-666-“, so I can request another of D.I.D.? ^^ This time is “the code number [13.]”, Thanks in advance bro ^^

  3. Hey! I really like your site! I’ve been trying to find other VK translation sites, and I’ve somehow stumbled upon yours. Would you guys be interested in becoming affiliates? I also have a translation blog, though my translations are mostly related to ALSDEAD at the moment. Feel free to check it out:

    Keep up the good work! Drop me a message or email me at if you’re interested!

  4. Glad to know that you’re back, guys!
    May I request DIAURA’s brand new song Gekkou? Its lyrics may be available probably in a few days, since hiphopvomit haven’t uploaded them yet. Greetings!

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