The Captive Psyche Team

Captive Psyche is a blog in which a couple of friends post translations for their favorite bands, as a way of promoting them. Here’s a little description of the translators themselves, click the translator’s name to see all of their translations:

-The League of Disgruntled Translators-

❧ Blog Creator
❧ Promotions Expert (Attention whore)
❧ Accepts all presents in the form of vodka
❧ Pomeranian
❧ Favorite bands: GOTCHAROCKA, DIV, Moran, Kra
❧ Studied Japanese at KCP International; Studies marketing

Obscured Moon:
❧ Somehow also became known as “Mom”
❧ Favorite Bands: BORN, NEMETH, GhostWriteDazzle, Malice Mizer
❧ A devout follower of TOMO (BORN)
❧ Favorite Color: Black
❧ Quite literally headbanged the snot out of herself once
❧ Studied Japanese at KCP International and Carthage College

❧ Cryptkeeperesque
❧ Still likes Fatima
❧ Was Chopin’s lover in a past life
❧ Japanland is home for now
❧ Broke and wander-lusty
❧ Closet singer D:

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