New Age

Artist: EVE
Lyrics: Takeru
Album: NOVUS
Translator: Panko
EVE International – Official Support

If youth say “The era is bad” and
In spite of still having no wounds
“I don’t want to stain new things”
Defeat can be seen in that kind of place

Victory or defeat is
Still not being decided
Coming forth in the match
The die were already thrown

We are “hope”
Drawing a diagram of the future
Let’s go on wishing strongly, strongly
Concentrate your pupils
It can be seen close by
The goddess is so, because she smiles at you

Asking you all, “living is something!!”
Raising my voice, going up to the platform
In spite of not knowing, preaching liberty
It becomes constrained in philosophical affectation

Do not seem to be out yet
Kick flying, break into a run

We are “ideals”
Drawing daydreams
Crossing over the high, high wall
Break the forms
No one notices
Things with no substitution are there

The more that I yearn for it
I go on, tinged with a fever
Singing and shouting to my heart’s content
A short time
Inside of humans
Everyone is fighting with “something”

Zero distance range
Each opponent
Pull the trigger
Don’t be perplexed
One by one
Once is the best way through
Well, let’s go
Stacked stereotypes
Completely break
The stereotypes rooted in the world!