Innocent Teens

Artist: Vidoll
Lyrics: Jui
Single: Innocent Teens
Album: BEST
Translator: Panko

Oh, Dear close friend
Now, I’m in that dear park
On top of the bench, even the couple’s graffiti has been left as it was

The teens of glass hearts
In love, crudely continuing to make mistakes
You scold me with true feelings, there for me as a supporting friend

Innocent teens
If you were there, in a time, no matter how painful, I was made to laugh
Since then, becoming two adults
Even now, I suddenly remember you

Again, someday I want to return
To the couple of those days

The dear picture that the three of us took; you, me, and him
You don’t know it; If he’s already not at my side

The house that I don’t want to return to; Retracing my steps; Always in the starry sky of this park
The fireworks and melancholy shoot up
With him, and with you

Hey, I want to try to see them once more
The fireworks of that day

If I am alone I begin to want to cry, but, if we were together as two, we laughed
You are the medicine box that heals my heart, even though we fought on countless occasions

Even the parting words, at the time when I was unable to say them, have passed

Innocent teens
The flow of time, unable to stop, studying the way of surviving
I was afraid of becoming an adult that can’t show respect

Innocent teens
Your smiling face, the best times; Ah- I thought that they were eternal
Since then, you too sometimes came to overcome painful tears, didn’t you
Hey, let me hear it one more time
That smiling voice
Again, someday, I want to return
To the couple of those days

*Words in italics are the occasional lyrics contained within the song
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