I Never Lose―極彩色の悪夢― (I Never Lose-Kyokusaishiki no Akumu-)

“I Never Lose -The Rich Colors of a Nightmare-”

Artist: Syndrome
Lyrics: Asagi
Album: CORE―黒夜現―
Translator: Panko
Lyrics Courtesy of: Garden of D

Still unable to awake from my unconsciousness; A shocking, piercing scream
A shaking, richly colored nightmare; Now, reality is attacking me
“welcome to the dark…” 

Dark clouds dominate everything as if dividing the gods and the world
The chimes of the resounding warning; Now, the intent to kill drives me

You, my dear; Before this body is stained true crimson


I wish for my heart to continue living on together with you
Because of this love, deep hatred it seeping into my peace of mind
you’re my only love 

This frozen isolated world isn’t even reached by the sun
Merely, praying for your future; Someday, regain your smile

You, my dear; Before this heart is tainted with darkness


My eyes,  forced to close in the darkness; Even if dawn doesn’t come, it’s ok
Tearing up this windpipe is good; If it’s desired, I will sacrifice
you’re my only love

『I never lose when this body is going die.』
「Shout!」…die hard.

*Words in italics are the original lyrics contained within the song