Artist: Lustknot.
Single: Deeds not Words
Translator: Panko

The stain on this hands didn’t faded away
This drain is deep, I closed my heart
Shackles of convention is this world
The thing which I inserted my hand into was a mask, and I lose myself

I need a clever backer
Don’t need a lie

Quenching my thirst with a kiss, show me a sign of your love
If we had a love that seemed to become nothing, this mask will come off

I don’t get out of this bondage

Deep, deep bottom

Without anyone being able to reach the bottom, I watch the lotus that floats on the water’s surface, Just that…
Even oneself who sleeps at the bottom is covered in lies and loses sight

Quenching my thirst with a kiss, show me a sign of your love
Give me love that seems to be broken, This mask is already…

In the love of you who gives me satisfaction enough to make my lips tremble
Because you want to throw away anything and everything break this mask

Disgrace doesn’t vanish but nevertheless I cried out
Until my throat is torn to pieces
If the decayed world loses its color
It won’t be tainted like this

*Words in italics are the original lyrics contained within the song.
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