Just before the finale of their 3-Man tour! Comments from BORN, DIAURA, and MEJIBRAY!

Source: vif-music

Text and pictures: Goto

Translator: Obscured Moon

Playing a part in the current Visual Kei scene, the three “dark” bands BORN, DIAURA, and MEJIBRAY amassed and did a three-man tour, “BDM.”

After huge successes on September 15th at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM, and September 19th at Nagoya E.L.L, on September 20th, at Umeda AKASO, we got comments from each of the bands for their tour finale.

After this, their tour’s final performance will begin. For those who were able to come, and for those who unfortunately were unable to come, I want you all to fully experience their enthusiasm.


Even for visual kei bands, to gather like this is a huge honor. I think that simply assaulting the audience with intensity doesn’t really leave behind a big impression, so I think that we all want to emphasize songs that each of our bands uses as weapons. Within the deep gloom, pop songs are DIAURA’s music, and because this is such a deep event, I want to highlight that. I think that this event is a good opportunity to face each other with our music.
The other two bands have the same style as us, so it’s easy to set up events, but our natures are entirely different. You can feel BORN’s instinctual quality, and MEJIBRAY has a really structured quality. Putting us all together is almost more than one can take, but I think that we each have our own appeal. Because this is Continue reading

Devilish of the CAFE (with Tsuzuku)

Source: ViSULOG

Collecting data and transcription:  Yamamoto Takaya

Ryoga: Welcome to Devilish of the CAFE. I’m the owner, Ryoga.


Ryoga:(laughs) Do you remember the first time we met?

Tsuzuku: As I recall, you invited me to your sponsorship? The day that you became BORN.

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Devilish of the CAFE (with yo-ka)

Source: ViSULOG

Collecting data and transcription:  Yamamoto Takaya

Ryoga: Welcome to Devilish of the CAFE. I’m the owner, Ryoga.

yo-ka:It’s that kind of setting (laughs).

Ryoga:Today, although we’re going to have an earnest conversation, I think I also want to thoroughly discuss some private matters.

yo-ka:Feel free.

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BORN Feature – ViSULOG

Source:  ViSULOG

The May 29th release of the documentary DVD『BORN THIS WAY~LIVE & DOCUMENT from TOUR 2013「Devilish of the PUNK」~』began three consecutive months of releases.  On June 12th will be “HONESTY” and on July 3rd will be “MOTHER.”  When I listened to these two works, I became able to say with firm confidence, that no matter what they do, “BORN is BORN.”  Just how far will they go!?  From this point on, I can’t help but expect good things from them.

Collecting data and transcription:  Yamamoto Takaya

――You have three consecutive months of releases, but before we talk about that, tell me about the selling point of the documentary DVD “BORN THIS WAY.”
Ryoga:  You can see the other side of things, the kind of stuff that you can’t otherwise see about the Oneman tour.  There’s various clips for each place we went, and it shows a wide range of everything from the serious parts to the fun parts, so I think it’s quite enjoyable. Continue reading

Ryoga’s “Que and AAA”

A translation of the “Que and AAA” posts on BORN vocalist Ryoga’s blog recently.

Q.  What kind of live should I go to? (>_<)
A.  Whatever kind you like.

Q.  Is it okay to go to a live by yourself?
A.  There’s a lot of people who come by themselves.  It’s fine.

Q.  I love you guys!  How do I get close to you? Continue reading

Hysteric Circus Interview


On April 19th, 2013(friday) , at Ikebukuro EDGE, ViSULOG PRESENTS「HYSTERIC CIRCUS Vol.4」will be held.  Before this event, representatives of the bands that will appear gathered for a round-table discussion.  Participating members were Satsuki, Kazuharu (AMARANYX), KOU(the Sherry), and Bon(Capella).  What kind of conversation will unfold before the event!?
※Kuga Shingo of LIPHLICH is absent due to health issues

Collecting data and transcription:  Yamamoto Takaya

――Is everyone acquainted with each other?

Bon:This is my first interview with Satsuki。Other than that, I’ve done lives with everyone here. Continue reading


Artist: EVE (Official Website)
Source: ViSULOG
(Original Interview)

“Activity began in August of 2011 with the present members. Vocalist Takeru’s lyrics are filled with heavy messages, and directly express the band concept “the release of emotions.” Also, the carefree singing voice very much so favors their charm, with them cherishing the melody. The sounds which support the songs adds synchronization and boasts power which even bands with five members lose. Until now, their activity was centered in Osaka, but in 2012 they expanded throughout the country. Please pay attention to their activity from now on.”

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