wishstar and sunlight and darkness

Artist: amber gris

Lyrics: Temari

Album: pomander

Translator: flutterchou

Someone a little mean remains

You fondly raised a flower seed

In the manure in the water, with nice words.

Today’s things and tomorrow’s things.

Sometimes the hint of your humming

What was that achingly vague song?

I think it’s the old movie, the fruit seller in the slums travelling to the stars

You say it’s time to sleep,

I close my eyes but

Stay up late, just a little longer

I want to talk

Rippling stars; I hear that singing voice

Until the time that dawn visits.

Why is it that I can’t see anything

Even though I’m not closing my eyes?

Twinkling, dazzling, and gentle darkness

A small whisper; secret talk.

“On a night like this, I want to talk with you. How does the movie end?”

“You know, I really hate being alone.”

The colorful view of the shooting star’s tail

The more you wish, the less of a child you’ll be

Your eyelashes sway because of the night breeze

If you just overreach, you’ll become miserable, right?

See, slowly push the dome of darkness up

The shorebird’s chirps are a signal

The moment of dawn is all stolen.

To return your warmth to you.