Basic Rules

Like anywhere else this blog has basic rules that need to be followed.

❧  Mainly, be respectful in comments.
If you disagree with the translations, or dislike them, we can handle criticism but we will not tolerate unnecessary flamings.
This goes for comments to other readers as well. Otherwise, everyone is welcome to share their opinions!

❧  Everyone working on this blog is either a student or working, so we do have time restraints, so if you leave a request, please allow 1~3 days for the translation to be posted. Sometimes we might ask for the person who leaves the request to provide the lyrics in the event that we can’t find them online.

❧  Additionally, DO NOT STEAL OUR TRANSLATIONS. If you want to use them for your own personal things, ASK US FIRST,    AND ALWAYS CREDIT THIS BLOG AND THE TRANSLATOR. (Seriously. Just ask. It’s just respectful, and we don’t bite.)

❧  We will not tolerate the circulation of any illegal downloads around this page. Please support the band and purchase their  music! Any posts or comments mentioning or containing links to places where you can download the bands’ music illegally will be  deleted as soon as one of us sees it.

❧  Due to site policy, we will not permit for any of our translations to be featured in any videos for youtube or any other streaming sites. It’s easy to download from youtube, and we do not want to be affiliated with that sort of thing.

❧  If you advertise us, we will provide a link to your website or fanpage!

Thank you always for reading!

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