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甘イ右脳、赭イ左脳。 (Amai Unou, Akai Sanou.)

“Sweet Right Brain, Red Left Brain”

Artist: Grieva
Lyrics: Kyouki
Album: Saigou no Bansan
Translator: Panko
Lyrics Courtesy of: hiphopVOMIT

Frenzied psycho number
Passionate pink number

The things about you that I love
I want to learn more than what I know even now
Your eaten right brain is sweet…
The pleasure the flows into your brain and
Your thoughts are smeared with red blood
And to your left brain

Melting, within me
Feeling each other, your synopsis is
Connect your cells, strongly…
Overflowing dopamine…
Serotonin, noradrenaline…
Break your cells, quickly…

トワイライト (Twilight)

Artist: defspiral
Album: トワイライト (Twilight)
Lyrics: TAKA
Translator: Panko
Lyrics Courtesy of: hiphopVOMIT

Remembering my thirst I awoke, in the stillness of midnight
The straining thread once more constricts my chest

The time in which I was confirmed with our touching fingers is stopping

Those tears that spill over and fall, without being stopped by this hand
You voice that tears up my chest, make it disappear

In the too numerous seasons, even if we repeat the same time
The scenery which the couple saw was not the same since who knows when

Simply embracing your shaking shoulder I was unable to say anything

If in undecorated words I could properly tell you my thoughts
Would we have been able to stop the flow of time in which we passed each other by

Even if everything which is fragile and fleeting someday breaks
The beat which makes my chest shake is wishing for you even now

Those tears that spill over and fall, without being stopped by this hand
You voice that tears up my chest, always

Your tears which proceed to spill over and fall; My wishes melting and being washed away
Leaving behind the pain and sadness in your voice which grows more distant

»Please do not use these translations for any subtitles.


Mini Album: Virginity
Lyrics: Jui
Translator: Panko
Lyrics Available at: hiphopVOMIT

I got horny…
You put your hand on my shirt’s second button
Well, going to your designated curve

My shaking hand traces
You shoulder fumbling and clumsy
Unable to have my way with even the person who calls out to me
At that time I knew love

To that extent desire was
Not enough, stacking up with nature
Welcoming an orgasm, things like the scenery don’t change
But what about that feeling
I loved you a little

My quivering lips traces
Your white skin fumbling and clumsy
Not even able to have my way with how to kiss
At that time I knew love

You who was cold for a short time
Turning away from my gaze
I, who ask purely, “What’s wrong with the nape of your neck?”
After a disturbance, I didn’t know the meaning of
Saying, “I’m sorry,” at the time

Is the ending like this? Because it’s too abrupt
Without reason I meekly nodded
It all began; the kiss, the six, the nine, and the back were all so

Cum on! One more time, Arouse me, Until the inside, I want to deliver

I’m in the mood, I wanna kiss you.

~A few years later~

Wanting to bury loneliness, did the numbers come to stack up?
Things like beauty were forgotten in the past
Often only exerting my hips, Noticing to myself that it became cold, Becoming weird
My finger which doesn’t tremble doesn’t trace your skin
“It’s ok so take off your clothes quickly.”
If you want it, you’ll do it
Even if I cum, hey
The scenery doesn’t change
Happiness doesn’t descend

*Words in italics are the original lyrics contained within the song.
»Please do not use these translations for any subtitles.


Artist: Lustknot.
Single: Deeds not Words
Translator: Panko

The stain on this hands didn’t faded away
This drain is deep, I closed my heart
Shackles of convention is this world
The thing which I inserted my hand into was a mask, and I lose myself

I need a clever backer
Don’t need a lie

Quenching my thirst with a kiss, show me a sign of your love
If we had a love that seemed to become nothing, this mask will come off

I don’t get out of this bondage

Deep, deep bottom

Without anyone being able to reach the bottom, I watch the lotus that floats on the water’s surface, Just that…
Even oneself who sleeps at the bottom is covered in lies and loses sight

Quenching my thirst with a kiss, show me a sign of your love
Give me love that seems to be broken, This mask is already…

In the love of you who gives me satisfaction enough to make my lips tremble
Because you want to throw away anything and everything break this mask

Disgrace doesn’t vanish but nevertheless I cried out
Until my throat is torn to pieces
If the decayed world loses its color
It won’t be tainted like this

*Words in italics are the original lyrics contained within the song.
»Please do not use these translations for any subtitles.


Artist: ScReW
Album: SCREW
Lyrics: Byou
Translator: Panko
Lyrics Courtesy of: hiphopVOMIT

Is it me that is the leading actor that spits out an insincere smile day by day?
Or is it you?

Tragedy’s prologue is to the right, left, up, and down
Once again hitting home from behind the scenes, the epilogue gradually gets closer

I who swarms to the raised bait sings
It’s unshapely, I smiled in my heart
The restricted paradise, Staring at hypocrisy today too
Without changing one

To me, who is deprived of hand, foot and mouth
Who wants what? Smile, tomorrow is you

Crying, requesting your whereabouts, you look just like a stray cat
Is it sweet? Is it spicy? Let’s search for the road
Paradise, by the rules, is fastened by chains
Being kept cruelly

You Said Worthless Reason
I Feel Intent To Kill
I Give You Worst Paradise
Chop! Chop! I Hate You
Chop! Chop! You Hate Me?

Look at the familiar smile, an approaching hand violates me
Even I don’t know who it is
Within a dream let’s watch the dream that blooms underfoot

*All words in italics are the original lyrics contained within the song.
»Please do not use these translations for any subtitles.


Lyrics: Tsuzuku
Mini Album: MESSIAH.bat
Translator: Panko
Lyrics Courtesy of: hiphopVOMIT

It was you who taught me about pain and anguish
And that happiness can be painful too
I’ve been through pain, I can scream I’m happy.

“Do people not meet death with love and despair?”
If you take notice, you lick the outer wall of the detached tower all over
Even the painting’s murmurs that were snatched away by other people
Even the day you say “It’s a secret?”
Becoming a small detour

It’s not you who’s gone mad, it’s the world.
that’s mad

Tell me…Messiah
The cocking piece of your gun cries
I laughed, “I am the garden, you are the seeds.”
Feel me…Messiah
In a melancholy dream
I continue to patch you together

“If I breathe in and out, I can make room for you there, and there are still people that give me breath.
To that extent, I am able to to tell you something. Become someone’s breath. You can become someone’s oxygen.”

It’s not you who’s gone mad, it’s the world.
that’s mad

Tell me…Messiah
The satisfaction that’s reflected in your eyes
Did you notice the drop of water that fell into the flare?
Feel me…Messiah
My windpipe cries to you
Like a beast that soars with pleasure

Help me…Messiah

Now tell me, Messiah
Hey, Messiah
The world is forcing its beliefs on us
People around us laugh because we’re strange
Give me your love, Messiah
Now and forever
The paradise we created, A new life, A new creation…
I’m gonna take you back.

Now, inside the reality of this dream
We gotta open our eyes and wake up…

*Words in italic are the original lyrics contained within the song.
»Please do not use these translations for any subtitles.

ゴールデンキネマ劇場 (Goruden Kinema Gekijou)

“Golden Kinematograph* Theater”

Artist: DIV
Single: ゴールデンキネマ劇場 (Goruden Kinema Gekijou)
Lyrics: CHISA
Translator: Panko

Golden kinematograph*
A theater which smells of mold
Late show
Retro smelling, B-class horror

Let’s stop being playful
It’s not that I hate that
In the beginning, the lover sacrificially…
Horror’s arrangement

Because at least tonight was good in performance,
Becoming aware of common love
“At the mirror scene, be careful behind you!”
Golden kinematograph

Mankind’s downfall, Time leap
Exorcism, Zombie
All of them are your preference
Before I go to sleep I want to hold your hand

Even out of curiosity it’s not platonic
Don’t steal the common love story
Director, tell us the couple’s ending
Golden kinematograph

Let’s go see it again on Friday
The movie that you liked
Even if you dry the all-American tears
There is 1 isolated tear

The last scene, as if catching one’s breath
Betrays the shock ending
Expecting a New York style vision
Golden kinematograph

The princess that bit the apple
She didn’t wake up with a kiss

With the emergency light being lit, “Shall we go home?”
Muttering in a vacant room

*A kinema is short for kinematograph, which is another way to say cinemotograph, which is a long way to say “video camera or projector.”
**Like the last few songs that I’ve translated, this song is really rough in English. It doesn’t translate well or smooth, so I will try to go back and revise it and hopefully improve the flow.
***It’s such a strange song that I went ahead and embedded the PV for everyone to view. Enjoy it!

»Please do not use these translations for any subtitles.