About This Blog

Hello everyone! This blog is dedicated to translation of lyrics of various visual kei and (some) j-rock bands.

Our goal here at Captive Psyche is very simple. We do not want to force our interpretation of the songs onto the readers, but rather translate them as close as possible to the intended meaning in the Japanese, so that everyone may be able to interpret the lyrics as they feel. Japanese is a very different language from English, and therefore many different translations are possible. Ours will be very literal, because, as stated, we don’t want to force any interpretations onto the readers. If we want to make comments about certain things within the song, we will do so at the end.

The site name, Captive Psyche, comes from our addiction to this music.
We use the theme of blue roses because they can’t be created naturally and thus, in literature, represent things which, no matter how much one may want, can’t be obtained. They can also be used to represent the pursuit of love.

There are three official translators,  and they are:
❧  Panko
❧  Obscured Moon
❧  flutterchou

Please also take a look at the rules, the most important and also worth mentioning here as well being DO NOT STEAL OUR TRANSLATIONS OR POST THEM ANYWHERE WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION PRIOR. Just ask. We don’t bite! I promise.

We are taking requests and suggestions for songs or artists, if anyone would like to leave one!
There is a page for that called “Tip Jar/Request Box.”

We also welcome any feedback in comments on our posts! Complaints and compliments are both welcome!

If necessary you can contact us by e-mail here at katatsumurikataomoi@hotmail.com!

Well, happy reading everyone!

Header by Alicja, @ Black Gene for the Next Scene Poland

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