Artist:  GhostWriteDazzle
Lyrics: Daisuke
Translator:  Obscured Moon

Hidden by the unfaded truth
You, who were buried in the lightless street, are
Overflowing without an umbrella, pulled along
Until you reached somewhere far away

It certainly does not mean that I want you to acknowledge my existence
Putting an end to my distorted thoughts

When will you catch my unreaching voice
You are still unable to deny my existence

I, who longed for the sun that I still cannot see,
Still continue to wander somewhere along this street

It certainly doesn’t mean that I want you to understand my existence
I just want you to realize that I exist, but

I do not know where my thoughts are headed
And because, although I’ve considered it, I don’t think
That there’s an answer

One day, accepting endless sorrow
Because I cannot go on living
And because wrenching it open will surely be good enough for that lock
You are just not aware of this shapeless love yet


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