Deep Affection

Artist:  BORN
Lyrics:  Ryoga & K
Album:  Vigour
Translator:  Obscured Moon
Kanji/Romanji Available at: hiphopVOMIT

The person lives in the paranoid
Of course, it is the same as me
Your are never be alone
I want to walk with you

How long has it been? Since I started hating myself, a vortex of gears that do not mesh

Gouge me and look at the blood that flows from my wound, if you’ve noticed, I’ve become alone
There is nothing of value, the way things are, I want to melt away and dissolve into darkness

I can’t take it, I’m writhing, drowning in my tears
I’m crumbling…  Even my hopes have gone

My desire to be loved, I was crying, I want you to notice me
The answer remains unseeable, the cruel passing of time is all that happens in the corner of a cold room

Painful night… I am the same
I’m asking you, as you cry in the corner of the room
The way things are… If I’m with you
Now, in this night of chaos, I will sing as I run through

My desire to be loved, you were crying, I want you to notice me
I cannot see the answer, but I’m sure that something here will glitter someday
In the passing of these ordinary days, being able to smile with you seemed important
Because I do not have an eternity, I hope that this song bites into you, who lost your heart

I want you to believe

*Lyrics in italics are the original English lyrics contained in the song


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