Artist:  GhostWriteDazzle
Lyrics: Daisuke
Translator:  Obscured Moon

DIE and slowly crucify
Withered skin, soaking
Does the taste of corruption linger at the tip of your tongue?
DIE and slowly crucify
Continuing in my conceit

The smell of my fever-tinged insides awakening

The sun that I see in the closed-off, lightless night
My voice quivers in the collapsing reality

Is it over? You, who regret losing it all, are
As you are in the image
It suits you, doesn’t it? Within an overly self-conscious PLAY
An aesthetically finished form

Representations in the closed-off, lightless tomorrow
Am I unable to make a fresh start?
Am I longing for a lightless world?
I’ve only done things the way I wished them
Why am I trembling so much?

sabbath in the cage
right now

*Lyrics in italics are the original English lyrics contained in the song


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