Artist:  MoNoLith
Lyrics:  Ryu
Album: -mosaic-
Translator:  Obscured Moon
Kanji/Romanji Courtesy of:  MoNoLith Canadian Street Team and hiphopVOMIT

Dizziness was happy to visit me
During my 23rd spring…

Why was I selected?
And don’t make me have high hopes about our conversations
It’s everything that you’ve said, right!?

If we can go back to being “the two of us”
Will you love me?

From my two hands, tired from cradling
Your thin neck… I have not let go

So,Keep on following to fate
With a person?
 With a hate?

Hey… Is that some kind of roadshow?

“Are you happy?”

Dear,My bold fat baby
Creeping into the bath
A day,Lead your debt

If only you weren’t here
Nothing would have been taken from me…

*Lyrics in italics are the original English lyrics contained in the song


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