Artist:  ALSDEAD
Lyrics:  Maki
Album:  Separator
Translator:  Obscured Moon
Kanji Courtesy of: hiphopVOMIT

Prison walls, can’t find my way out,
lost inside this crazy maze

Eternally bound to CHAOS
Awakening a sense of despair

Endless walls that trap me inside,
keep on searching day after day!

Unrealistic escape
Mistaken self-defense

If sinful freedom is allowed
I will be deprived of everything
I will lose my destination, I decay..

What I gained seems lost with time, nothing left but this empty fuck’n rhyme,
life’s a game filled with lies.

That day
I was touched by the darkness that you carry
I hesitated slightly
You see through it
In cold silence, with an inhuman smile
I hid my interrupted heart

What seems right can be lost and gone “and we”,
lose everything we thought was ours “and this”,
puzzle of life will never end,
now I lay my head on my final death bed.

The two of us who are at odds with other in a complicated way
Eventually meet disaster

Breaking into pieces
The piece that came to support me
Vanished without a trace
It will never return
Without accepting a certain reality
Pray for the light of day

Can I over come….Help me over come
Is this really how it ends…

is there no way to see the light

Hey, tell me
Do humans remain an unfinished puzzle
Falling to ruins?

That day
I asked for “light”
The sign of you without words
Around now, my chest is pierced
The future has become frightening
Unnoticed by you, who has come to hate everything

Breaking into pieces
The piece that came to support me
Will never return

*Lyrics in italics are the original English lyrics contained in the song


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