Just before the finale of their 3-Man tour! Comments from BORN, DIAURA, and MEJIBRAY!

Source: vif-music

Text and pictures: Goto

Translator: Obscured Moon

Playing a part in the current Visual Kei scene, the three “dark” bands BORN, DIAURA, and MEJIBRAY amassed and did a three-man tour, “BDM.”

After huge successes on September 15th at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM, and September 19th at Nagoya E.L.L, on September 20th, at Umeda AKASO, we got comments from each of the bands for their tour finale.

After this, their tour’s final performance will begin. For those who were able to come, and for those who unfortunately were unable to come, I want you all to fully experience their enthusiasm.


Even for visual kei bands, to gather like this is a huge honor. I think that simply assaulting the audience with intensity doesn’t really leave behind a big impression, so I think that we all want to emphasize songs that each of our bands uses as weapons. Within the deep gloom, pop songs are DIAURA’s music, and because this is such a deep event, I want to highlight that. I think that this event is a good opportunity to face each other with our music.
The other two bands have the same style as us, so it’s easy to set up events, but our natures are entirely different. You can feel BORN’s instinctual quality, and MEJIBRAY has a really structured quality. Putting us all together is almost more than one can take, but I think that we each have our own appeal. Because this is such an honor, I think it’s incredibly important to be able to have a firm consciousness of being DIAURA.

■ Kei(G)
I really love MEJIBRAY and BORN’s music. We’ve done so many lives together before now, and each time there’s been many different incentives, but this time I think DIAURA has also been able to offer an incentive to the other bands. And DIAURA hasn’t really done lives like this in this area, so I think this should be supremely fun.

Because we’re three bands that are comparable in terms of how long we’ve been active, our vigor, and genre, I think that we appear very similar upon first glance. But personally, I don’t think that’s true at all. We each have different aspects, and different strong points. I’m really happy that we’re able to play with bands who have so much appeal. I hope that we can help to stir up the scene. These three bands are really great, and we all have firm determination, so I think we can stimulate each other.
Personally, I’m not so aware of this being a three-man, so much as a test of how much we can all shine. I think the longer DIAURA has appeal to it, the more we can express it. I’d be really happy if you all enjoy it. Koichi from MEJIBRAY has been my friend for a long time, but it’s kind of fun to be in such a tight space with everyone.

I’m really glad that we were able to play Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka with these two other bands for this event. I’ve known Ryoga and Tsuzuku since I was in my previous band, and I’ve seen them many times on stage and thought “They’re so cool!” I’m really fired up to do a three-man together with BORN and MEJIBRAY. It’s fun in a good way, and we’re rivals in a good way, so I think it’ll be a good event.


We have a long-standing relationship with these two bands, in particular, I’ve known Ryoga for 5 or 6 years.
Well, if you come see us, it will be apparent that I’m the coolest person there (laughs).
And, I think that BDM is a oneman. It’s the short oneman before MEJIBRAY has a oneman tour in October.
I don’t tell the other vocalists, but in my own mind, I think I’m the best, so I treat it like “this is my oneman” (laughs).

I’m going to keep attacking.
I plan on becoming somewhat more of a man by the time the Osaka live is over.
It’s a place with a ton of delicious food, but since I want to lose weight, I shall go stoically (laughs).
I want to give you one statement to rile you up.
“I want to tap fans throughout the country!”

I haven’t really tied up this event live with a oneman live.
But anyway, when I’m onstage, I want to express to the people who come “When we’re on stage, look at me!”
Us three bands are all friends, and it’s good to make a ruckus together, but I’m on the frontlines, I just want to say that I hope people watch me.
All of the members of MEJIBRAY do lives thinking “I might die tomorrow.”  As a sign of attack, we’re issuing a challenge. And we’re making that feeling palpable onstage.

※Meto’s words were expressed by his stuffed bear, “Ruana.”
Ruana:  I’m really looking forward to playing with bands that we’ve played with so many times. But that doesn’t mean we’re just three bands who are friends playing a live together,  we’re still all competing earnestly in order to stir up the scene.
Ruana:  I think there’s a deep significance in doing a three man. I’ve been thinking about what the other two bands have that MEJIBRAY doesn’t.  I think there’s a lot to study here, so while taking it all in, by the time the live in Osaka is done, I want to share one mind amongst the three bands.
Ruana: MEJIBRAY’s forte is individuality, and in a good sense, we’re all kind of like vocalists. I think we have a chemistry born from that.
And we’re in the middle of three months of consecutive releases. I’m putting up a flag by saying that one of them might be in the middle of this tour… (laughs).


Recently we’ve been doing a lot of event lives and getting a lot of honors.
For this one, we gathered dark bands, and it’s kind of like going back to our roots, or rather a very dark-conscious tour. It feels like we’ve grasped something new, different than we did when we did our “DIE OR DIE” event back in August.
I want to make everyone, even the people watching from way in the back headbang at this live. You know what I want to see in the back, I want you all to show me your headbang.

I look at the other guitarists and think to myself since it’s the same instrument, how are all our types so different? We’re all intense, dark bands from the same genre, but we’re totally different. Our instruments are an interesting part of that.
I prepare for lives thinking “I don’t want to lose” or “Let’s do this kind of live” and it puts a bit of power in my hands, so I try to keep it casual as much as I can.
Of course, screams really fire me up, so with each one, I really want to keep my cool.

This time around, even the event itself has a pitch-black feel to it, and you can see BORN’s intensity, I think.
We’ve been around Nagoya and Osaka during previous tours, but the colors were different then, this time it’s just black. I’m looking forward to the craze of the fans who have made this the event’s color.
Since we’re playing with bands that we’ve played with for such a long time, it’s like returning to our roots. We’ve been playing with DIAURA and MEJIBRAY since we got an office, so I’m remembering a lot of past memories. I want to replicate my emotions from that time, thinking “We have to do our best, just like the other bands!” Those feelings have faded gradually, so I want to once again give rise to those feelings when I’m onstage.

■Mio(Support B)
I’ve seen the other two bands face to face many times, but this is my first time doing a three man with them. But as always, I’m doing my best. Since I’m a support member, it’s difficult for me. I have to catch up with the other members! But at the same time, I’ve been rapidly starting to put myself out there during lives (laughs). We already played in my hometown of Nagoya, and I want to get fired up for Osaka as well.

This event is the epitome of darkness. We assembled visual kei bands that really stuck fast to the concept of dark. They’re our rivals, but personally I really like the two other bands.
Our lives are always like this, but I want to do something with “Rough emotions and high quality.” Perhaps I should say, going all out but still showing composure.
If we had the chance, I would have liked to continue this event beyond Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. I want to make a movement within dark visual kei bands. It’s a die-hard kind of feeling.
I say that, and yet even though we’re dark up onstage, once we’re off we’re all just a bunch of chatterboxes (laughs).


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