Artist:  ALSDEAD
Lyrics:  Maki
Translator:  Obscured Moon
Kanji Courtesy of: hiphopVOMIT

The end of sweet emotion
The Sorrow of time limits
In a period of time where it seems like we cannot even say our true intentions
No matter how much we merely pray
The future does not change Hey wake up

We Live. To die. Life’s the Devil’s wall we climb
So climb to break our necks, but never ever ever win
Can’t fall asleep at night. Rolling around in Sweet Misery
Pleading to call my own shots!!!!

Wishing, wishing, what I have in my hands is despair but,
Tearing apart my anxiety  It’s brand new day

Can’t see without Light. Confused about what is right.
Politicians play the game a game for gain with people’s lives
Dragged into jail, no sign of parole.their mistake,I’ll be caught
Because justice can’t be found.

Lapsing, lapsing, the days that met uproar are tainted
This unstopping urge
Piles up, piled up, if those who overlapped obtain the light
You do not have to fear the sacrifice

Can’t take a step back when the revolution time is now

Why..die..before you begin to live life with pride
Don’t cry, the worlds a mess but We’ve made it this far somehow

*Lyrics in italics are the original English lyrics contained in the song


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