Artist:  NEMETH
Lyrics: Satoru
Translator:  Obscured Moon

You’ve never seen it, but you jabber on about it obnoxiously!  Fuck off!
Oh, is this another criticism? It’s a chain of negativity. Is this fun for you?

My memories are always gorgeously carved deep within my thoughts

Rejecting everyone who has never seen a new meeting
Am I protecting the beautiful memories of my past? Am I living right now?

I don’t see a future where we’ll say things like “Those were the days” or “Things have changed”
The times are changing, I line up all of the points that I want to say in this bloodless criticism

Prosperity  to those who only praise the golden age!!!

The curtain of a new age falls, what are you protecting?
Would you have originally liked the same things? What are you afraid of?


*Lyrics in italics are the original English lyrics contained in the song


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