Lyrics: Tsuzuku
Mini Album: MESSIAH.bat
Translator: Panko
Lyrics Courtesy of: hiphopVOMIT

It was you who taught me about pain and anguish
And that happiness can be painful too
I’ve been through pain, I can scream I’m happy.

“Do people not meet death with love and despair?”
If you take notice, you lick the outer wall of the detached tower all over
Even the painting’s murmurs that were snatched away by other people
Even the day you say “It’s a secret?”
Becoming a small detour

It’s not you who’s gone mad, it’s the world.
that’s mad

Tell me…Messiah
The cocking piece of your gun cries
I laughed, “I am the garden, you are the seeds.”
Feel me…Messiah
In a melancholy dream
I continue to patch you together

“If I breathe in and out, I can make room for you there, and there are still people that give me breath.
To that extent, I am able to to tell you something. Become someone’s breath. You can become someone’s oxygen.”

It’s not you who’s gone mad, it’s the world.
that’s mad

Tell me…Messiah
The satisfaction that’s reflected in your eyes
Did you notice the drop of water that fell into the flare?
Feel me…Messiah
My windpipe cries to you
Like a beast that soars with pleasure

Help me…Messiah

Now tell me, Messiah
Hey, Messiah
The world is forcing its beliefs on us
People around us laugh because we’re strange
Give me your love, Messiah
Now and forever
The paradise we created, A new life, A new creation…
I’m gonna take you back.

Now, inside the reality of this dream
We gotta open our eyes and wake up…

*Words in italic are the original lyrics contained within the song.
»Please do not use these translations for any subtitles.


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