Poisonous berry

Album: Poisonous Berry
Translator: Panko
Lyrics Available at: hiphopVOMIT

Come here
Let’s enjoy ourselves at the finest
More than your smiling face, let me hear your interesting voice

Make me wet in the dark; Connected hand and hand
Closing my eyes when we exchange temperatures

Within our Kiss, melted sense and the poison’s truth burst open
Revolving love reaches instinctively
Thoughts fail but I can’t say it
The invading deadly poison Poisonous berry

Don’t come here
I don’t want to be more broken than this
-2℃ attitude in my driving heart beat

On the contrary, my gaze meets yours
It makes me cum when we finally lock eyes

Like a lie, the finger of truth traces your skin; Nothing more
Don’t fall for me and hold me
Obedient, overflowing, Resist me, Forsake me
Seeming to confess a blind thought

Already, someone is seriously…
After all you can’t do it to me
If you one day wet my cheek
Rather, make me wave my hand now

On the tip of my tongue, the transmitted love and in my accumulated thoughts
I can’t say goodbye, Ah, Tinged with the finishing blow

If reasons still remain

You, don’t be nicer to me than this

*This song was kind of complicated to translate to English. Hopefully, I’ll find clearer ways to translate some of these lines and revise it soon.
**All words in italics are the original lyrics contained within the song.

»Please do not use these translations for any subtitles.


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