ViSULOG Next Generation: EVE

Interview source is HERE.

Check out ViSULOG’s interview with Osaka band EVE. You can read about their formation and their single, “AWAKING WORLD.”

[All translator’s notes will be written in brackets within the interview.]

—Please tell us the details of how the band was formed.
Keita: At the time of my prior band, I knew Takeru from another band, and when I got in touch with him we hit it off.
Takeru: So, when I at the time of my father’s funeral, I got a call from Keita saying, “Would you do a band with me?” At that time, I thought, “No way!” but when we spoke he was the type that had a mutual fever so, since our feelings fit regarding a band, I thought I’d try to do a band with him.

—What Takeru like to the other members?
Ryo: A positive person.
Keita: He’s always a positive mood maker. No matter the situation he’s like the protagonist.
Yoshi: He’s the mood maker that moves everyone along.

—What is Ryo like to the other members?
Takeru: Eccentric. (Lol) An image of someone that goes nuts about something that they like. Therefor he can play the guitar like that, right…?
Keita: Eccentric but a technical guitarist that has the best guitar arrangements.
Yoshi: Within all of the members that tend to run swiftly, he is a precious being that is able to see everything objectively.

—What is Keita like to the other members?
Takeru: Spontaneous (Lol). I think that his state of steadily absorbing new things is great.
Ryo: He’s comparable to the Dragon Quest spell Hocus Pocus. [This spell has a random effect]
Yoshi: His imagination is abundant. I think that maybe without Keita’s ideas, EVE as it is now wouldn’t exist.

—What is Yoshi like to the other members?
Takeru: Straight man in charge. (Lol). I think he’s a relatively skillful person that can do anything. [The first sentence is kind of a pun, so I’m going to research it a little more and may revise this later.]
Ryo: The moody maker behind the scenes.
Keita: He gets along with anyone. He is a drummer with an excellent sense of stability that has flawless theories.

—Please confess one secret to the other members.
Takeru: Yesterday’s dinner was curry.
Ryo: Truthfully, I have taken pictures of all of the members’ sleeping faces.
Keita: There’s nothing in particular. I don’t have secrets. (Lol)
Yoshi: I will still keep it a secret… (Lol)

—Please tell us if there is something within the band that’s becoming a boom.
Takeru: The members mimic me…Although I also mimic Keita. (Lol)
Keita: Imitating Takeru’s hype at the lives.
Ryo & Yoshi: Mimicking the member’s movement at the lives (Lol)

—When kind of concept did you have when you produced, “AWAKING WORLD?”
Takeru: I was told by Keita that it has the image of a new world, so I wrote lyrics in accordance with that.
Keita: Switching over to a new world.
Yoshi: It’s like that with the exception of this composition but as much as possible without the hindrance of Takeru’s lyrics.

—Please tell us the listening point of “AWAKING WORLD.”
Takeru: The large amount of elegant simplicity.
Ryo: C Melody.
Keita: The simple elegance after the intro. It’s a sense of liberty that seems to pierce through.
Yoshi: The development after the guitar solo.

—What kind of place is your live?
Takeru: It’s a place of the most self-expression.
Ryo: It’s a place where we can test changing the sound here and there.
Keita: It’s a place where I can meet everyone.
Yoshi: Debut meeting.

—Please give us enthusiasm for your lives.
Takeru: Let’s have fun together!
Ryo: Let’s go with all of our might.
Keita: Let’s go to an even bigger stage. We are always progressing.
Yoshi: Enthusiasm, huh. I think we’re becoming able to do with always the same state of mind. Always at 100%.

—Please say a message to those looking at ViSULOG.
Takeru: It seems like it’s better to sufficiently eat breakfast!
Ryo: With this feeling, best regards from EVE.
Keita: To those at ViSULOG that know us, and to those who saw us for the first time, best regards from EVE.
Yoshi: Best regards from now on. ・_・

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