This Is The Life

Lyrics: Mikaru
Translator: Panko

Scenery which I want to see; Places I want to go and things I want to eat
The things you want to do; You, wanting to become a dream, can do anything, right?
Let’s start from here

At least believe in yourself
It’s the age of a hard life, right? Even if you try to show courage

I understand well; Even so you’re lonely by yourself
However if you stop crying nothing changes
It’s ok if it’s you

Dawn won’t come to visit us
We’ll go to meet the new morning ourselves

Even if it’s the best, even if it’s the worst, that’s life; This is the life!

Someday you will really love someone from your heart, and I will be loved
If you knew true love
More than you, you’ll go on living for that person’s sake from there
It’s lovely isn’t it? This is the life!

This world is still not thrown away


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