Artist: EVE (Official Website)
Source: ViSULOG
(Original Interview)

“Activity began in August of 2011 with the present members. Vocalist Takeru’s lyrics are filled with heavy messages, and directly express the band concept “the release of emotions.” Also, the carefree singing voice very much so favors their charm, with them cherishing the melody. The sounds which support the songs adds synchronization and boasts power which even bands with five members lose. Until now, their activity was centered in Osaka, but in 2012 they expanded throughout the country. Please pay attention to their activity from now on.”

Q1: What’s your birthdate?

  • Takeru: 7/11
  • Ryo 3/15
  • Keita: 3/22
  • Yoshi: 1/31

Q2: What’s your blood type?

  • Takeru: Type O
  • Ryo: Type O
  • Keita: Type O
  • Yoshi: Type O. By the way, all of the members’ blood types are O. (Smile)

Q3: Where is your birthplace?

  • Takeru: Osaka
  • Ryo: Osaka
  • Keita: Aichi
  • Yoshi: Osaka

Q4: What is your height?

  • Takeru: Average for a Japanese man
  • Ryo: 161 cm
  • Keita: 173 cm
  • Yoshi: 172 cm

Q5: What’s your nickname?

  • Takeru: Takerun & Mr. Takeru
  • Ryo: I would be troubled if I were even called…Osaka’s Magic Johnson, so there’s nothing in particular
  • Keita: Keitan
  • Yoshi: Yopi, Yoppii, Yoshio

Q6: What is a crucial item for tours?

  • Takeru: Care goods for my throat
  • Ryo: Supplements, Spare strings, spare picks
  • Keita: My computer. For composition editing, and updating my blog.
  • Yoshi: Maybe my body weight…

Q7: If you compared the band to a color, what would it be?

  • Takeru: White
  • Ryo: Maybe white~
  • Keita: White
  • Yoshi: It’s like white!

Q8: Just before a live, do you have something that you do to relieve tension?

  • Takeru: I watch and listen to the lives of the bands I like.
  • Ryo: First of all, I try to play my guitar.
  • Keita: I look at the mirror and do the final confirmation.
  • Yoshi: I let out my average vocal voice. (Smile)

Q9: What was your motive for starting a band?

  • Takeru: In middle school, my songs were praised, so I went on to the band club in high school.
  • Ryo: It’s because of when I was copying songs, I wanted a side guitar, so if I matched it with my friend, it was fun.
  • Keita: Because my sempai was in a band, and I thought “That’s cool.”
  • Yoshi: Because I was invited to join the band club by my friend, and there were fewer drummers. By the way, that friend left the band club. (Smile)

Q10: What were your thoughts when you stood on stage for the first time?

  • Takeru: Really sleepy. (Because of an incidental lack of sleep)
  • Ryo: It’s quite a weird feeling, which I can’t say.
  • Keita: The inside of the livehouse is hollow. (Smile)
  • Yoshi: I thought “It seems like no one is interested.” (Smile)

Q11: Of all the band’s songs, which is your favorite?

  • Takeru: “last breath”
  • Ryo: “last breath”
  • Keita: “Case;A”
  • Yoshi: “GEMINI”

Q12: What was the most surprising thing in the music industry?

  • Takeru: Unexpectedly, people are average. (smile)
  • Ryo: That there are a lot of people who have knowledge and experience that is more than necessary.
  • Keita: There are too many people who say, “I wonder when you sleep?”
  • Yoshi: There’s a lot of women.

Q13: What’s the most important thing to you?

  • Takeru: My own voice.
  • Ryo: Being myself.
  • Keita: Sound, Fellow band members, and everyone who gives us support
  • Yoshi: Cell phone, music

Q14: What’s your current boom?

  • Takeru: Looking up deep-sea fish pictures, Collecting cacti
  • Ryo: Knowing various ways of practice foundations.
  • Keita: Searching for cool clothes.
  • Yoshi: Imitating bassist Keita (smile)

Q15: What’s a challenge that you want to try?

  • Takeru: Something like sports
  • Ryo: I want to try to play various things on the acoustic guitar
  • Keita: Acoustic guitar.
  • Yoshi: Writing. Lyrics and stuff!

Q16: What is something that happened lately that was HAPPY?

  •  Takeru: Two members had a birthday!
  • Ryo: Celebrating my birthday.
  • Keita: Celebrating my birthday with the band members in the office.
  • Yoshi: Bassist Keita and Guitar Ryo had birthdays! It’s happy!

Q17: Do you have something that you absolutely do when you wake up in the morning?

  • Takeru: I do a falsetto, and affirm if my voice will come out. (Smile)
  • Ryo: I drink coffee.
  • Keita: I check my mail.
  • Yoshi: I brush my teeth and immediately search for food. If I don’t eat breakfast than the day’s time frame is bad.

Q18: If you compare yourself to an animal, what would it be?

  • Takeru: Waking up, I’m like a lion. (My head is.)
  • Ryo: My animal fortune telling was a black panther.
  • Keita: Dog
  • Yoshi: A young bird…?

Q19: What’s your favorite color?

  • Takeru: Wine red, black
  • Ryo: Black
  • Keita: White, black
  • Yoshi: Things that look blue! Maybe!

Q20: What’s the scariest thing in this world?

  •  Takeru: Moths.
  • Ryo: Humans.
  • Keita: People with ill will.
  • Yoshi: Apathy.

Q21: What is your favorite season?

  • Takeru: Fall.
  • Ryo: Fall & winter.
  • Keita: Summer.
  • Yoshi: Winter.

Q22: What can you say about your personality in one word?

  •  Takeru: I’ve been told by the members that I’m foolish…
  • Ryo: Fickle person.
  • Keita: Maybe diligent.
  • Yoshi: I do things at my own pace.

Q23: What’s a necessity for when you go out?

  • Takeru: Nose drops!
  • Ryo: Phone, cigarettes, wallet
  • Keita: Bag
  • Yoshi: 3 pouches

Q24: What is something that you do every day without fail?

  • Takeru: Letting out a light voice
  • Ryo: Playing the guitar
  • Keita: Listening to music
  • Yoshi: Reading a book, studying codes

Q25: How do you release stress?

  • Takeru: Shouting in the bathtub!
  • Ryo: Wrapping up in sound, sleeping
  • Keita: Eating delicious meat dishes
  • Yoshi: Deciphering songs

Source: http://zeallink.jp/tour2012/artist
Translator: Panko

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