Artist: EVE
Lyrics: Takeru
Album: NOVUS
Translator: Panko
EVE International – Official Support 

Oval fate
It’s coming untied
Reincarnation’s bonds
Genes are being traced

Eternity, penetrating foolishly

Soaring life
The lingering catastrophe star
Rolling nothingness up completely
Since rotting, repeating resuscitation

People are ugly, and people are short lived
Why did you choose people
The singing words don’t reach

The flames flicker
The heavenly distance
The end begins
It’s the world’s reason

The thing used to to our connections
Interweaving countless times
At the end of repetition
With a destiny that goes on being ruined

Life, in full bloom
Paths which meet by chance
You, living according to how you can live
Severing the chains of cause and effect is good

With love, and with painful love, it’s sad
Why did people wish for love
The complete real intention is unknown

Flickering like a flame
Like a phantom, it can’t be seized
Extending my hand, I try to touch you
The empty space making a sound, it disappears

Life, flaring up
The symbol which came to live
The thread forming the kimono’s design is being pulled
It’s a loving fragment; The wings continue flapping

You are sublime, you are precious
You, who are able to live in this world, hear me
A sublime and precious thing, with “purity”

“Life, made merry”

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