white harmony

Artist:  BORN
Lyrics:  Ryoga
Translator:  Obscured Moon
Kanji/Romanji Available at:  hiphopVOMIT

Indulging in a ripe fruit and panting, you lust,  give me heart
The gray warmth is hazy

Indulging in me, who is blind, and panting, from your distant view  give me love
The distance between our connected hands increases

Once sunny, rain hits the window, the rising discomfort index irritates me
Hey, kiss me
Let’s melt and sleep in futility

white harmony
Your thoughts of someone other than me
white harmony
Are accumulating
white harmony
What are you wishing for?

A fake smile, just painful, nails digging in, caressed

In the hustle and bustle of the midwinter evening, you who are lost fascinate me
Softly drawing close, scattering the bait
I do not want to just wallow lewdly, I want us to warm each others’ frozen hearts
Even though I offered myself

white harmony
Your love of someone other than me
white harmony
Is increasing
white harmony
Because I have already noticed

Cast aside the sin that smiles at the other side of kindness

white harmony…
winter separation…

Love buried in powdery snow
The distance accumulated and the tenderness numbed

*Lyrics in italics are the original English lyrics contained in the song


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