Band:  MoNoLith
Album: Aquarium
Translator:  Obscured Moon
Kanji/Romanji Courtesy of:  MoNoLith Canadian Street Team and hiphopVOMIT

If I peek out from this gap, holding my faltering hands above my head
In this world, so beautiful that it’s almost frightening
If I try floating on these waves that carry me
Hey… I can hear the bustling noise of existence

Where am I?  Who am I?
…at the world only of you & me

I searched for a light that seemed as though it cannot reach far, behind my eyelids
Continuing no matter where I am, inexperienced, I forget to breath, and remain drowned

Even now, I’m still timid, It seems like I will miss out
Even though at some point we drew “A world just for us”

Where am I?  Who are you?
…at the world only of you & me
To the point where I do not understand anymore

Please tell my fortune
…and please call my name

Because I’m casting aside my cowardice, I open my eyes

For my sake +For your sake
…at the world only of you & me
Let’s make this a “Place we can belong”

Even if I do not have the kind of strength that can engulf the world, I want to be within a small light
So that you are the only one who does not get lost, because even just from under your feet, a light shines

I tried looking up, the water’s surface is still far away, but
I want to be here, I want to be with you, just like this

What colors could I see?  Someday, the light that calls us will…

*Lyrics in italics are the original English lyrics contained in the song


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