Artist:  BORN
Lyrics:  Ryoga
Album:  DEMONS (Single)
Translator:  Obscured Moon
Kanji/Romanji Available at:  hiphopVOMIT

Incarnation of a devil
It’s blinded by the love which doesn’t materialize
Beautiful enough where I might lose myself in you, I touched you

When I dream as I am now, we are always there at the same time

I am a dirty devil
You of an angel not dirty are frightened
If what I’m intensely wishing for is granted, you’ll go far away

It was a forbidden meeting by chance
Even though I probably knew that from the start

I wish far away, if I bare these emotions
You would scream in fright, The malice which goes
I wish far away
, let’s spend the night of our death [together]
I want to carry off your everything, let’s kill our breath and close our eyes

You are beautiful…
Please do not reject me..
Dinner for a devil

Tightly embracing a corpse, my senses are being torn apart

I wish far away, drowning in a sea of fresh blood
Over and over again, the motions of your lips, love pouring [out of them]
I wish far away, now that we are melted together
This sad, fleeting sparkle, this love is death, bloomed out of season

*Lyrics in italics are the original English lyrics contained in the song
**AN:  It’s my 50th post!  Yay!


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