Album: Sadisgate
Translator: Panko
Lyrics Courtesy Of: hiphopVOMIT

Help me…You are propaganda that’s being created
“This world is revolving around me at its axis.”

“If your heart is mine then it doesn’t matter.”
You’re crying out and lamenting, “Why don’t I have a penis?”
“Why do people have five fingers…”

The inside of your hole is your Shangri-La
Men carry on living without noticing you’re being tormented*

Welcome to “Sadisgate”
Avenged confused
Welcome to “Sadisgate”
Avenged CHAOS

The gods look down on me as I gasp and gasp…Is it you?
Excreted in your broken brain and nerves

Allow my poison to violate the inside of your hole
If I don’t break you before I’m broken…
I who was ruined inside the hole is
As for loving you, do you only care for yourself?

*The word used for “tormented” can also be used by men to refer to sexual intercourse with women, so please note the double meaning.
**Lyrics in italics are the original lyrics contained within the song


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