Black Baccarat

Album: Sadisgate
Translation: Panko
Lyrics Courtesy Of: hiphopVOMIT

The night in which I was bound with you was
drank by the words that saw that day
If perceived as just “Sadism”
the red roses’s tears would be broken

You wrote it in the body
Now becoming the prank of the gods
If you interpret it as love
It’s the cut skin of the armeria*

The Black baccarat of love and desire*
The Black baccarat is eternal beauty
The Black baccarat of regrown wood
The picturesque scenery’s principle is the Black baccarat

I just want to be loved in the unending night
in Hate
The painting, going to the inside of a box
If now I can be completely stolen from you
To you
The curse and lips of eternity

Perceived as the rose that withers in the night of farewells
in Hate
Love…it’s your curse
The despair, immorality, full payment, the gasping spira
Eternity’s longing

The words of you, who dances on water, are
Going to eventually sleep, becoming ice
Hey? Do you understand?
This fabricated thought is yours
Well, allow me to hear the next words
Black baccarat

*An armeria is a type of flower, short for the Latin name armeria maritima
**A bacarrat is essentially a type of black rose
***Words in italics are the original lyrics contained within the song


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